Tips on makeup for photo session (ready to shoot, if you work without make-up artist).

1. Draw a foundation or concealer. This is necessary even if you are not usually using such cosmetics! Without tonal framework painted eyes and lips will look gaudy and vulgar. Use the concealer with a matte effect, and during the shooting powder your face as often as possible to prevent its greasy looks at the pictures. In addition, under spotlights the skin may begin to sweat.

2. Remove defects - using the correctors.

3. When applying shadow using a brush, not applicators, and carefully shaded. Avoid blue and dark-blue eye shadow, otherwise at the photos it will look like black eye. Win-win for any of the pictures look eye makeup in the style of smoky eyes (dark-gray shadows and dark eyeliner.) It makes the eyes more visual and expressive, and the image - sexier.

4. Mascara - no lumps! Not a hundred layers! Two will be enough. Categorically unacceptable matted eyelashes.

5. Do not forget about the eyebrows. Carefully install and sum up a pencil or shadow stiff brush.

6. Lipstick. It is advisable to use soft colors: peach, beige and pink. Can be applied over lipstick gloss. Remember that dark lipstick ages and visually reduces the lips, and Pearl in conjunction with tanned skin looks ugly.

7. Powder. Face should not shine!

8.Now turn blush. Remember - the dark blushes attach shadows and visually erase cheeks, and bright - on the contrary. Blush "paint" the face. Peach-colored blush to your face will add a healthy glow. To make the chin more shapely, put on a little bronze matte powder.

9.You should also bring with you a few pins, invisible pins, rubber bands for hair.