Clothing & Accessories

1.For portrait photography the most suitable will be light clothing with monochrome shades of cream without the express image and protrusions. If you know that you are good in black, grab a set of black monochromatic clothing with no superfluous details.

2.Optimally, take 3 - 4 combined sets of clothes, and remember that muted in color and pattern fabrics take less attention away from your face and make you the center of this photo. You better come in cassual comfortable clothing which won't leave some trace of the straps, etc....

3.Win-win for both children and adults - it's jeans.

4.It is not recommended to use clothes with small periodic pattern (a fine band, small cell, etc.)

5.If you are overweight, give up the shiny and bright fabrics. In the picture you'll look bigger than you really are. Prefer deep colors: dark red, gray, black, blue.

6.Sweaters, turtlenecks and shirts with a collar under the throat and Neck scarves - will help to hide double chin and neck defects.

7. When shooting in a pair, please think over your pre-shared image, choose appropriate clothing, footwear and accessories for you to harmoniously combined with each other.

8. High heels make you slimmer.

9. Soles of shoes should be absolutely clean! Studio backgrounds easily get dirty and photographing in the shoes in which you came to the studio will be inappropriate;

10. Beautiful accessories will make your portrait more thoughtful and interesting in the best way. Large jewelry look more stylish than elegant casual. Bracelets, belts, handbags - all of which help to create a unique ensemble.

11. Prepare in advance all the things and put them together. Those things that require additional preparation (eg washing, ironing) must be prepared in the first place.