Preparing for a wedding photo session

1.On the eve of the wedding the groom and the bride just need a good sleep, so plan the stag and hen parties of a few days before the wedding, but not actually before the wedding!

2. Men encouraged to do a manicure. This is especially true of wedding photography, cause part of the photo will include hands of men close-ups.

3. If your man is usually shave less than daily, it is best to shave him not on the day shooting in the morning but in the evening before.

4. If you invite guests on the event that will pass in rented place(eg,appartment), then do not let them take off shoes. Let them better go in the beautiful shoes than in the socks and tights.

5. Think in advance of itinerary of wedding walks and time for it. It is highly reccomended that photography should continue at least 2 hours. It's very well if you plan to visit several places, that will let to make diverse pictures. It is necessary to consider the place for shooting on a rainy day: cafe, shopping center, museum. From my point view, on the walk is better not to take a lot of people - so it will be easier to tune in the desired fashion.

6. At the registry office, during the sign, look at the hands of a partner or at the face, not over the head or the side. Try to look more at each other, is not recommended to look into the camera lens!

7. While you are wearing a ring on your partner, try not to close it by your hand.

8.Remember, it's your holiday, so do not worry and smile, good humor - the key of beautiful photos!