Photography pregnancy

1. The best time to shoot 30-36 weeks of pregnancy (28 weeks, if you are expecting twins.) During this period the tummy is big enough and you feel comfortable.

2. Future moms can take a dress, tight tummy, summer dresses in flowing floor, jeans and plain shirts. Also looks wonderful white warm jacket and warm socks.

3. T-shirt with inscriptions looks funny.

4. The best clothes - one in which you make the most convenient.

5. Soft tissue quiet tones emphasize your peaceful state.

6. If you are an active person, the photo shoot in bright colors accentuate this, because every mom has an unique style.

7. You can use the body art on your tummy.

8. All photo sessions should be held for you to easily and not more than 2 hours.

9. If you take photos with your ??husband and children, it is desirable that all were dressed in one color and style.

10. During warmer months, the best shot - by nature!

* Photos of pregnant girls I put in the portfolio only after the birth of a baby!