Nude photo session

1. In advance take care of hair removal, to delay the day of the shooting should not be: anger can go away at once.

2. Bring a dressing gown, it will provide you a more natural move for the studio, as well as to be in it until the twain shall meet marks from linen.

3. Try not to wear tight clothes and underwear in front of such shootings, in which case the traces on the skin will go faster.

4. If you take with jewelry, add it separately, rings and bracelets better not to wear. Traces can not depart immediately, but the photos will look unnatural.

5. Tanned body looks more advantageous and well-groomed.

6. When tinting shall not forget the upper chest.

7. Use corrector to mask imperfections of skin.

8. Bronzer Powder helps to emphasize the reliefs of the body.

9. Shining cream with a golden glow give the skin a luxurious look.

10. The massive gold jewelry, textured fabrics, fur will help to create an image.

* In cases where photos glad prevent skin imperfections like - then: pimples, bumps, wrinkles, I can retouch them, and to remove scars, age spots, wrinkles, etc.

* All that will be retouched and corrected after the shooting, should be discussed beforehand, because it's more work and quite time-consuming and laborious.