PrintBook (photobook printing) - is printed on a modern digital equipment printing method book. Internal pages are printed on 170g / m coated paper. Cover - hard cover laminated with an individual design. This is the most popular format in the world of photo books. The main feature is the photo book production efficiency, the uniqueness of its appearance and accessibility of the price.

Photobook consists of:

  • Hard laminated cover photo
  • Number of pages (min / max): 12/96

Prices for the manufacture of photo books:

FormatPaperNumber of pagesPrice
30x30premium 24900
30x20premium 24 700
20x15 normal 24400

Additional turn 30 UAH.

Classic photo book

These photo books belong to a class of premium, have a presentable appearance and are often used to create wedding albums. Through the use of more expensive materials and technologies can achieve unsurpassed image quality, with better color reproduction and a wide color gamut. Even at high magnification you can not see the screen because of its absence.

Printing of books produced by the classic photo printing on photo paper (similar to print photos). Internal pages of the book are collected on a solid base (cardboard 200 g / sq.m.). Cover is made of very thick cardboard (800 g / sq.m.) Laminated to the image.

Gray Death Legion volume can be from 10 to 25 turns (20 to 50 pages)

Photobook consists of covers and interior spreads.

Such options of cover are offering:

  • Cover with an individual design
  • leatherette cover
  • cover made of genuine leather

Internal reversals are mounted on high quality paper material with two different thickness of 200 or 850 microns. Also can be mounted from the flyleaf of design cardboard (white or black).

Prices for the manufacture of photo books with individual cover and the flyleaf:

FormatThe density of cardboard.Number of turnsPrice
30x30200 microns 10800
30x30850 microns 10 1200
30x20 200 microns 10 700
30x20 850 microns 101100
* Additional turn:

200 microns/ 50 UAH.
850 microns/ 80 UAH.

                    Gift wrapping for photo books.

  • For the 30x30 photobooks.
  • Place for CD / DVD.
  • Cover with magnets.
  • Tape for easy removal of photo books.
  • Possibility of drawing pictures on the box.
                    Price: 160 UAH.

                    Individually packed DVD.

    Performed in a similar style with a cover photo book.

    Price: 100 UAH.

           Example of photobook 30x30 cm / 30 turns

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